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The Sun(Py) Still Shines!

December 6, 2013

I know… It’s been a long time since the first post, but I’ve been kinda busy with all the Haskell mind-blowing assignments (oh my favourite “boobs”), Crazy affine spaces and other beautiful things that brings the University into the life.

The ESA SOCIS 2013 coding period started a bit late due to the some technical difficulties but it does not matter because we are back on the track and rolling like never before!

I and Cadair (aka Stuart Mumford) were thinking about the right design for the HyperMap project for some time. Well, I have to say that we have some really good design sorted out and now working really hard on the implementation.

The whole HyperMap design is trying to be as much modular as possible. The heavy data processing and header parsing will be separated from the client API (that’s the plan), so it will be easier to maintain the whole thing and add support for new instruments. We are currently working on the header parsing and moving forward to the other parts of the module.

The progress on the HyperMap looks good and I have to say that we have solid foundations.

I will try to write another blog post as we move on.

Happy hacking!


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